“A small band aid on a gaping wound”

Baseco Shanghai regularly screens unheard of documentaries and movies. The last screening was of Shutka Book of Records, a documentary about the weird and quirky residents of Shutka, a Macedonian village built on the former city dump area. We organized a small fundraising for Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without borders) during the screening. Considering Aleppo has no functioning hospitals, it […]

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Nine Thousand Kilometers

I’m usually woken up by the frantic traffic on Zhaojiabang Road. Or the white, smoggy glow emanating from Shanghai’s early autumn sky. I can only recall 4 words when I fumbled out from under the covers that morning. Attacks. Paris. Deaths. Call. My phone was blowing up with notifications. In French, English. Deaths. Terrorists. Bataclan. […]

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Neuf mille kilomètres

D’habitude, c’est la circulation incessante de la Zhaojiabang road qui me réveille. Ou la lueur blanchâtre du début d’automne pollué à Shanghai. Ce matin là, ce ne sont que de quatre mots dont je me souviens : attentats. Paris. Morts. Appelle.   La liste de notifications sur mon téléphone n’en finissait pas. Anglais, Français. Morts. Attentats. […]

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Living The North Korean Dream

I first heard of the North Korean joints a while back. Vice, true to its usual finesse in reporting, had presented them as slave houses made to produce foreign currency for the hermit kingdom. Even though I doubt that a few restaurants dotted around mainland China make a major difference to the country’s brain dead […]

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Control freak

When I arrived in Shanghai, I got hold of B&W Fomapan 400, film that had been introduced to me by my friend Lewis as an affordable alternative to my favorite HP5. It’s cheap, got nice contrast and grain, and wasn’t a pain in the arse to process when I was doing it myself in London. […]

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Babies and cow boy hats

“I think it’s a little bit overkill” said the father, a tall German man with a shaved head and a thick accent. He just saw me getting my hands sprayed with disinfectant for the 3rd time, wearing a pink nurse’s gown and a face mask. More than the money and the much needed change of […]

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