“A small band aid on a gaping wound”

Baseco Shanghai regularly screens unheard of documentaries and movies. The last screening was of Shutka Book of Records, a documentary about the weird and quirky residents of Shutka, a Macedonian village built on the former city dump area.

We organized a small fundraising for Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without borders) during the screening. Considering Aleppo has no functioning hospitals, it just made sense to donate to an NGO which provides basic medical care to those in need.

Here is the speech we gave before the screening.

We are not standing here tonight to tell you that you should feel bad for not having to worry about the horrors of war. About the fact that we can sit here and have a screening without wondering which gas or shrapnel the next barrel bomb will be filled with.

The reason we have organized this small fundraising is simply because we are humans. Because when the first gun was fired, it stopped being about who was right and who was wrong.  And it started being who could hurt the most.

This is not what mankind is today. Today’s mankind helps, supports his fellow human regardless of creed, religion, or race.

Yes, we are lucky to be sitting here in complete safety. We should give the people of Aleppo, and the Syrian people in general, a bit of our luck. They too, should be lucky to once again, have their own screenings. Watch movies together, laugh, cry, and worry about trivial things like what top matches with these shoes, or if this boy or girl will text you back.

Tonight’s fund raiser for MSF will be but a small band-aid on a gaping wound. But it is a much needed one.

It will take time for this wound to heal, but we take pride in thinking that we can be part of giving a sense of safety back to the Syrian people.

If you want to donate, head over to the MSF website, or check out this list of NGOs operating in Syria and what they do on Redeye Chicago.

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